Trip to Paradise!

19 Apr

If I had all the money in the world and free time to do whatever I desire, I would definitely spend the majority of my time traveling and exploring new places. I don’t have a specific dream destination but I would love to travel to the all the different beaches of the world. Just to name a few of my favorite beaches, I would absolutely love to visit Bora Bora, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and Cabo San Lucas. The beach is one place I could never get sick of. I have spent half my life living in Florida just minutes from the beach. I love the feeling of soft warm sand in between my toes, the breeze from the ocean, and the sound the waves make when they crash against the shore. The beach has always been one of my favorite places!

I have also always wanted to travel to the farthest state away from Georgia, Hawaii! I have never been but I would absolutely love the opportunity to go someday. My boyfriend on the other hand has already been to Hawaii a few times and went again this past Christmas. His grandparents live in Hawaii. I would absolutely LOVE to retire early and move to Hawaii with my husband someday! Of course, his sister put up about a million beautiful pictures on Facebook which made me want to visit even more. I told him he better take me with him someday so I can finally experience Hawaii first hand for myself.

Pinterest is one of my new favorite social media sites! I have an entire board dedicated to travel destinations I would someday like to visit. It is almost impossible to see an image of a gorgeous location and not want to go there someday. When I have the time and money, someday I will travel with my husband to all the different beaches of the world!


4 Responses to “Trip to Paradise!”

  1. dchesh April 19, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    We’re on completely different sides of the world. I’d like to get to these island paradises eventually. But for whatever reason, Europe is calling me first.

  2. marleymizell April 20, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    I said Costa Rica too. I definitely want to live there after going there on study abroad. It is such an amazing country and everything about it is perfect!

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